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Q&A with Matt Brase the Man behind MR Custom Painting

Q&A with Matt  Brase the Man behind MR Custom Painting

If you’re an avid reader of RCCA, you’ll probably notice that some of the bodies of the custom RC builds featured in our pages have been professional painted by none other than Matt Brase of MR Custom Painting. Taking not only painting, but intricate masking to new heights, the father and son team over at MR Custom Painting pride themselves on not only their pristine paint jobs but the art of not using decals to fill in details with. It’s all hand masked and painted. Join us as we catch up with Matt to find out more about his art. RCCA: How did you get into painting RC bodies?
MB: At the age of 12 I purchased my first hobby grade RC, a Traxxas Rustler. Shortly after, my father helped me paint a custom body for it. That’s all it took and I was hooked! My RC collection grew and so did the pile of painted bodies. Initially, I masked the bodies and my father sprayed them. The local hobby shop, Dan’s RC Hobby House, took notice and placed several orders. That led to online sales off various RC forums. Through trial and error we began spraying everything, including lights and grills. No decals from there on out for MR Painting. The name comes from my and my father’s names, Matt and Ross, MR Painting. A few years in, I took over completely and it has just snowballed from there. I have been painting for 20 years now, with no end in sight.

RCCA: What kind of painting do you specialize in? MB: There are two types of orders I love spraying. The first is when the customer gives me an idea (like a comic book character, or their favorite brand of drink/food) and tells me to run with it. Sometimes research is required for the body design to fall in place, but it excites me when it finally comes together. Something unique that caters to that customer is what drives me! The second type of order that thrills me is a realistic livery. Trying my best to replicate a 1:1 car livery. Pushing the limits of what I can do with my hand cut graphics.
RCCA: What types of paint schemes do you dislike painting?
MB: My least favorite bodies to spray are what I call cookie cutter racing bodies. The designs you see time and time again on 1/8 buggies or truggies. They just do not get me excited to paint, and that excitement is what I chase with my work.

RCCA: What is different about you from other painters?
MB: Probably the biggest difference and what sets me apart from other painters, is that I hand cut everything. I refuse to use a vinyl cutter. I enjoy the masking portion of process just as much as painting. What you see on my Instagram and Facebook pages are 100% hand cut and airbrushed bodies. No decals. No vinyl cutters. No hydro dipping.
RCCA: Do you have any advice for beginners?
MB: First and most important, buy quality paints and equipment. I highly recommend Iwata for airbrushes. They are a bit more expensive than other brands but it’s something you can grow into. Second, start off easy, one or two colors, to get the basics down before you do something wild. Understand that you will have errors and do not get too upset when they happen, learn from them. And finally have fun! Enjoy the creative aspect of the hobby! Find out more about Matt Brase and MR Custom Painting on Facebook by searching for “MR Custom Painting” and follow them on Instagram at @mrcustompainting. Text by Leigh Guarnieri and Jerry Tsai Images Courtesy of MR Custom Painting

Updated: January 26, 2021 — 12:26 PM

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