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Model Airplane News’ Build to Win Contest

Model Airplane News’ Build to Win Contest

In this Almost-Ready-to-Fly, no-assembly required, day and age the RC airplane hobby has evolved. The main outcome of this new fast-assembly airplane era is that we now enjoy an amazing amount of skilled and talented RC pilots. With amazing aerobatic skills and speedy reaction times, flying model airplanes is enjoyed by countless modelers who have only recently entered the ranks. But the modeling skills necessary to build and enjoy model airplane kits or build advanced airplane designs from other people’s plans continues to decline. This obvious transition can be seen at most flying fields and at RC club meetings. Somewhere along the line, old-school model building has somehow been deemed too hard or entirely unnecessary by many, and that really limits the growth of both the modeler and our hobby in general.

Model Airplane News really values the skills and craftsmanship of its collection of model designers and scratch-builders and we want to help grow this segment of our readers. We’ve teamed up with past Model Airplane News editor and current contributor and model designer, Rich Uravitch with an idea we think will kick start everyone’s reasoning to get back to the workshop and start cutting and gluing wood together.

Time to fly

Here’s the basic idea. We supply a set of downloadable plans (laser-cut wood parts are available) that can be used to produce a basic sub-structure for a tried and true RC plane. But, the good part is that, you the builders can add to it or modify it to produce a design that’s unique and truly your own. The equipment and parts are minimal and readily available at most hobby shops and online. You can turn this Design Contest Flyer into a sport-scale warbird, a home-built civilian plane, or a wild themed sport flyer inspired by your favorite movie or super-hero! You get to put pencil to paper and come up with your own version.

Go to:

http://www.hobbyhangar.com/hhbaseline_010.htm  for information on laser-cut wood parts for the basic airframe.

Note: If you have difficulty finding the page for the laser cut parts, be sure to clear your cookies from your web browser.

Next, we’ll publish the designs you guys come up with and then publish an article about the winning and runner-up designs. We’ll also off prizes and awards for everyone who enters the contest by submitting your information and snapshots.


1. Download the plans file from this page then go to your local Office Max, Staples or Kinkos and print out the full-size plans.

Click Here to Download Plans

2. Build your model and the send static photos (and a flight shot,) of your model, along with your contact information as well as detailed specs and information for your model entry to MAN@airage.com. If you can supply video of your design we will add a link to the MAN website.

3. Deadline to submit your entry is January 1, 2014. All entries will receive an email confirmation that we have your information. Only one entry allowed per individual. We will feature entries on the Model Airplane News website.

4. All Winners must supply high resolution images to eligible for prizes and to be published in Model Airplane News

So what do you think? Are you interested to show us what you can come up with? Imagination and creativity are the basic skills you’ll need. Team up with friends and start your own RC squadron. The fun part of course is learning new skills and flying your new creations. Give it a shot! Our hobby needs you and every other builder and designer it can get. Have fun!

Updated: July 29, 2013 — 10:29 AM

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