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Tesla Foundation, UAVSA CEO and others meet following White House drone crash

Tesla Foundation, UAVSA CEO and others meet following White House drone crash

Action Needed: Following White House Drone Crash, Tesla Foundation and UAVSA CEO and others discussed action plan to prevent future incidents

Washington, DC January 27, 2015—The Tesla Foundation and UAVSA CEO Keith Kaplan at the White House discussing Drone Rules and Lawn Crash – The Tesla Foundation and UAVSA at the White House with UC Berkeley talk Drones and the Law. uavsa.org teslafoundationgroup.org

Keith Kaplan CEO of the Tesla Foundation and the UAVSA met with members of the White House and FAA with Professor Raja Sengupa of UC Berkeley, former White House Counsel Lisa Ellman of McKenna, Long, and Aldridge, today to discuss the issues surrounding a “Drone Pilot’s License”, which would assure the ability for our Veterans that have been injured and US Citizen’s that because of physical limitations can’t get a pilot’s license to be employed in the new “Drone Economy”. To introduce the benefit of implementing air traffic control measures with SafeFlight Systems™, the software to manage drone traffic and could have prevented the “Lawn Crash”, and the issues regarding FAA rule making impeding commercial use of Drones.

The Tesla Foundation has created the Professional Drone Association the UAVSA (uavsa.org) to give a voice to the emerging Professional Drone Community in this process and foster the community in the spirit of collaboration and the open source tradition of the scientific and engineering community.

About the Tesla Foundation:

The Tesla Foundation Group is a non for profit Science and Technology Foundation that is committed through the power of research and education to create, promote, and protect American Jobs and Companies with Innovation and the steps needed for Commercialization.
The Tesla Foundation Group is a 501 (c)(3) non for profit corporation.


Seth Williams, director of public relations
Tesla Foundation Group

Questions about White House Meeting? Contact Keith Kaplan at 213.910.3837 or email info@teslafoundationgroup.org

Updated: January 28, 2015 — 10:44 AM

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