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Monster Trucks Fall 2015 is About to Hit the Newstands!

Monster Trucks Fall 2015 is About to Hit the Newstands!

Sneak Peak of what’s Inside!
Check out the article, Mod Squad—we have some pretty cool project trucks for you in this issue. How would you like to see a solid axle monster truck built using an Axial Yeti as a base? Or what about a tricked out Traxxas Revo 3.3? We have both of those for you and they are pretty sweet.

Classic Plastic
Everyone has memories of their first RC car. In this issue we show you two trick trucks from the past. The Tamiya Lunch Box and Midnight pumpkin were some of the most popular and wacky trucksavailable. They had a bouncy suspension,detailed “hard” bodies and wheelied on command. Does it get any better than that?

T-Maxx Timeline
No truck has had a bigger impact on the modern monster scene than the T-Maxx, the massively popular machine that raised nitro convenience and monster performance to a new high. We
take a look back at the truck that changed the world.

Monster Trucks Fall 2015 is on the newsstands 8/18/15!

Or you can buy yours NOW HERE


Updated: August 17, 2015 — 10:10 AM

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