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CES Best Drones & Gear

CES Best Drones & Gear

At the 2018 CES extravaganza in Las Vegas, we were blown away by the new, innovative drones and gear on display! Here are RotorDrone’s six top picks from the event.

Best Professional Drone: Intel Falcon 8+

The Falcon 8+ incorporates a full electronic system redundancy with automated aerial-sensing solutions and with some of the best-in-class onboard sensors. It is also powered with the triple-redundant AscTec Trinity autopilot.


Best Consumer Drone: Yuneec HD Racer

This small and compact quad racer is ready to fly out of the box and invites some thrilling FPV racing to your living room. You can watch the live image of the copter’s built-in FPV camera on your smartphone display or use a compatible FPV headset.

Top Value: Ryze Tello Drone

The Tello is a toy drone that balances fun, form and function, with the goal to provide a fun and awesome flying experience for kids. Tello houses an HD camera and comes with a pre-programmed one-touch flight function called “EZ Shot,” letting you capture a 360 video by flying in a circle.

Top Innovation: Epson 3D AR Flight Simulator

This new application allows a user to fly a 3D digital drone in the real world using flight controllers from the latest DJI drones. The simulator mirrors the natural, real-world movements of drones so as to allow new pilots a safe way to learn to fly and experienced pilots to a differ way to sharpen their skills.

Best Cool Tech: Thermal By FLIR

FLIR’s new branding program was introduced at CES, and it currently includes four products that use FLIR technology. The Arsenz wearer can clip onto glasses to allow the wearer to see thermal images hands-free. The Casio EX-FR10 is a proof-of-concept device that has a CMOS sensor complemented by a Lepton thermal sensor, allowing thermal photos to be taken from a distance using Bluetooth. Panasonic is also building a thermal imaging attachment to their Toughpad FZ-M1 (a 7-in. Windows tablet for field service professionals). And a TinkerForge bricklet for thermal imaging uses a first-generation 80×60 Lepton sensor.


Best of Show: PowerVision Land/Sea/Air lineup

How can you not like a company that has drones that can fly and explore the underwater world?  The best part is that all of the drone can be combine to work together and find fish, capture fantastic water images or help find a lost person.

Updated: January 11, 2018 — 4:55 PM

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