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MAN at Work! Local Show and Tell

MAN at Work! Local Show and Tell

When Model Airplane News editor Gerry Yarrish isn’t working at his desk here at the office he usually can be found in his workshop building some interesting project. Gerry’s current project is a giant scale WW I biplane–the Nieuport 24. A 27.5% scale original design, it is CAD drawn and the parts were cut out using Gerry’s laser cutter. It combines old-time traditional stick and former construction with the accuracy of Gerry’s CAD program.

Club1Recently, Gerry was invited to speak about his project for a Show and Tell subject at the local Fairfield of Yankee Radio Controllers club meeting. A past member of the club, Gerry explained everything about the model’s construction as well as the history of the full-size aircraft, and he also spoke about the history of Model Airplane News and the RC industry in general. Everyone had a great time!

Gerry has been an RC modeler for more than 50 years and more recently has been focused on scale modeling. So far, Gerry has designed several RC airplanes including a

1/3-scale Pietenpol AirCamper, a .60-size Staudacher GS300, the CAD Kaos, 1/4-scale Sopwith Camel, a .32-size Fokker Eindecker, the Nifty 80 giant scale trainer, 1/4-scale Grumman AG-Cat, Adam Challenger (2 meter glider) and the Nieuport 24 shown here. He also has dozens of other plan designs that have not yet been built and test flown.

Updated: February 12, 2019 — 10:16 AM

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