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Get the RotorDrone Gear Guide off Newsstands While you Still Can!

Get the RotorDrone Gear Guide off Newsstands While you Still Can!

The November issue of RotorDrone has a 24 page must-have gear guide, and is on newsstands for only one more month!

More about the Novemeber issue of RotorDrone magazine from John Reid, Senior Editor.

THE UNIVERSE IS RAPIDLY EXTENDING at a phenomenal rate, so fast and big that it is incomprehensible for many people to grasp, myself included. I feel the same way when I look at how fast the drone market is expanding. This is evident when I go to a drone expo such as InterDrone, which I attended in Las Vegas, Nevada, last month. There were people from all parts of the country, from every type of business, looking for ways to incorporate drones into their organizations, which ranged from agriculture to construction to research and more. Speaking of research, this month we have features on how biologists in Alaska are using drones to monitor sea otters as well as how researchers are using infrared-equipped multirotors to learn new things about archeological sites.


Drone companies are also expanding quickly these days, and we were fortunate to get a chance to talk to Yuneec Electric Aviation’s CEO, Shan Phillips, who gave us the inside scoop on its success and future plans. Those of you who want to keep up-to-date with the latest quad equipment will love our 24-page Gear Guide, included in this issue. From larger camera drones to cameras, radios, chargers, and all the support equipment you need, the Gear Guide has you covered. Speaking of keeping up-to-date, we also review three drones that are designed for the most popular segments of multirotor fun. Anyone who wants a smaller, inexpensive drone that is easy to fly and land and can film aerial adventures will be interested in the HRP UDI Lark. An all-in-one multirotor that’s a step up in capability and price, the Ehang Ghost is a great option, which our contributor Jason Benson reviews this month. I also checked out the QAV180 FPV racing quad from GetFPV.com. This quad is sure to dominate the smaller, lighter, and quicker class of FPV racing that’s becoming popular. Of course, there are many other articles that are sure to pique your interest. Enjoy!

Updated: December 7, 2015 — 10:28 AM

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