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RC Car Action is Celebrating 30 Years with the January Issue that’s on Sale November 9th, 2015!

RC Car Action is Celebrating 30 Years with the January Issue that’s on Sale November 9th, 2015!

The windshield gets a lot more attention than the rear-view mirror here at RC Car Action, so I have to confess that our 30-year anniversary snuck up on me—has it really been that long since the first issue of RC Car Action hit newsstands? Yep, the math checks out. No matter what the calendar says, it still feels like yesterday when I discovered issue number one while I was on the lookout for Fangoria and BMX Action. I could not have guessed how much influence RC would actually have on my life when I took that first issue home in 1986, but I knew the hobby and RC Car Action were both something special. I know it’s the same for a lot of you readers; I’ve heard many, many of your stories about how RC Car Action was your first exposure to the hobby-quality RC car scene.

More than 400 monthly magazines and special issues later (not to mention countless videos, web posts, and social-media updates), RC Car Action still has the pedal on the floor, and we love bringing you the world of radio-control cars every month in these pages and every day (or a few times a day) online. You’re the reason we do what we do, and work hard to give you the latest reviews, the most helpful how-tos, and the most exciting builds. Tanks for coming along for the ride, whether this is your first issue or you’re a longtime reader. We appreciate and respect the time and attention you give us in print and online, and we’ll keep doing our best as the Model Motorsports Authority to keep you informed, excited, and energized for radio control. Now buckle up, we’re on to the next 30 years of RC Car Action!


Peter Vieira

Editorial Director/Surface Group




From The Publisher:

IT SEEMS LIKE JUST YESTERDAY we were embarking on our new magazine adventure creating the premier issue of Radio Control Car Action, and our fledging editorial team was energized with so much passion and enthusiasm! We were just a few gear-heads with a vision about what a cool and informative RC magazine should be, and we always put you, the reader, first! I’m proud to say the same excitement and creativity with which we launched the Car Action brand 30 years ago remains today. We set the editorial bar high to inspire readers and drive RC market trends.So much has changed since those early days: we’ve seen amazing advances in product technology and performance as well as changes in how our readers consume content.

The RC experience has transformed to a whole new level. Today we have global dominance in all of our media channels, and we’re thrilled to be Facebook’s most liked RC brand in the world! As the market continues to transform, we’ll be there, delivering the best content to our readers where and how they want it. It’s also important to recognize the outstanding relationships we’ve built with key industry manufacturers and innovators that have contributed to our success. Looking to the future, Car Action will continue to innovate, but we’ll never lose our roots of passion and enthusiasm. We are grateful for how far we’ve advanced over the past three decades, and we know that you, our loyal readers, have made so much of it possible.



Louis DeFrancesco 

Chief Executive Officer 

Updated: November 12, 2015 — 9:38 AM

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