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Air Age Media Has Been Accepted into the FIPP!

Air Age Media Has Been Accepted into the FIPP!

Air Age Media is proud to announce the companies acceptance into FIPP the network for global media. We are now part of an exclusive international “club” with more than 700 media companies from more than 60 countries, representing some 6,000 of the leading media brands worldwide. Members use FIPP as a platform to exchange ideas and insight, learn, network and do business.

FIPP—the worldwide magazine media association, represents content-rich companies or individuals involved in the creation, publishing or sharing of quality content to audiences of interest.

FIPP exists to help its members develop better strategies and build better businesses by identifying and communicating emerging trends, sharing knowledge, and improving skills, worldwide.

FIPP respects and supports:

-Freedom of the press

-Freedom of advertising

-Freedom of distribution

-The Intellectual Property rights of publishers, in any form

-The development of industry ecological standards and protection of the environment

FIPP has more than 700 member companies, which includes more than 50 national associations, more than 500 media owners and more than 150 service providers to the industry and associated organizations, in more than 60 countries, all of whom use FIPP to find new business partners and gather information on potential markets. FIPP represents more than 6,000 titles, which include almost all of the world’s leading magazine media brands.



Updated: June 29, 2016 — 3:20 PM

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