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Press Release: Air Age Media’s Model Airplane News Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

Press Release: Air Age Media’s Model Airplane News Celebrates its 90th Anniversary


Air Age Media’s Model Airplane News Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

New York, NY, October 1, 2018—Air Age Media is pleased to announce that Model Airplane News, the world’s model aviation authority, is celebrating its
90th anniversary this January. 
According to CEO Louis DeFrancesco, “Very few magazine brands can boast this success and longevity. We are proud of our amazing history and talented team, and we will continue to drive the RC airplane market and excite new generations of
enthusiasts into the 21st century.” 
Model Airplane News was there right at the beginning. It was 1929 and during the golden age of flying when the founder, George C. Johnson, launched the magazine. This era was one that inspired adventure. Higher, faster, farther—record-setting pilots with their radical new airplanes were the heroes for several generations of young people. And Model Airplane News was the information pipeline that helped bring so many people into the new field of model flight. 
Fast-forward 90 years and Model Airplane News has now grown into an iconic brand that continues to keep pace with modeling and media trends. A changing media landscape has given Model Airplane News the opportunity to engage readers with high-quality content anytime, anywhere through digital, social, and print channels.
About Air Age Media: Air Age is a leading enthusiast multimedia company producing the highest-quality content for the world’s most influential audiences. Engaging more than six million monthly global consumers across digital, print, and video brands, Air Age has a portfolio that includes the most iconic titles in the RC, drone, flight history, and collector industries: RC Car Action, Model Airplane News, RotorDrone, Die Cast X, and Flight Journal. The company has developed its social media and digital/print platforms to nurture its audience with premium targeted content reaching the super-influential consumer. Air Age’s consumers are smart, engaged, and loyal, and they look to Air Age Media’s brands for trustworthy content that will inspire and enable them to enjoy their passions.
If you would like any more information about this topic, please call Erica Driver at 203.529.4652, or email ericad@airage.com.  


Updated: October 16, 2018 — 9:22 AM

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